Lindsey (Ross) Anderson

Lindsey Margaret (Ross) Anderson, 63 of Lititz, PA passed into the loving arms of Jesus on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 suddenly at home. She was the beautiful and loving wife of Richard (Andy) Anderson whom she was married to for 37 years. Born in Dundee, Scotland she was the daughter of the late George and Charlotte Ross of Glasgow, Scotland; her father being a D-Day and Battle of the Bulge survivor. Lindsey completed public school at Madras College next to “The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews”. She then worked at Dundee Dental College where she obtained her Registered Nursing Degree while studying at night, becoming head nurse. Lindsey met her husband on the beach while on vacation in Palma de Majorca, Spain for just one day. After dancing on the rooftop of the hotel bar with her to-be husband’s ship (USS Forrestal) in the background, she gave him her address and walked him to back to fleet landing. After one year & 6 days of writing, calling and visiting America, they were married in Dundee.

Lindsey was a kind soul, always thinking of others over herself, with her wonderful Scottish brogue and infectious laugh. She became a naturalized citizen in 1982, loved and was loved by her new American family but was fiercely proud of her Scottish heritage. She was a committed dog lover and a gourmet cook who loved history and traveling with her husband. She was a natural at being a loving mother, always knowing how to handle any situation. She attended Grace Church in Lititz.

Lindsey will always be lovingly remembered by her husband, daughters Charlotte D’Angelo and Andrea Knippenberg of PA and their husbands, sister in law Gini TenEyck and family, her sister Aileen (wife of Albert Roy), nephews Scott, Stephen, Fraser, Gareth of Scotland and Utah, and five grandchildren. In addition to her parents, she is preceded in death by her granddaughter Kayle Marie.

Lindsey has been cremated and her ashes will be tossed in the Tay River in Dundee where her husband plans to join her one day. Remembrance services will be announced at a later time.

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  • Hello my Love. Time marches on and it seems I am the only only that thinks of you. I guess that’s what happens when we die. I’m not worried about me but it would be nice if people would think of you. Saturday was your 70th birthday and no one remembered but Bandit and I. The holidays have already started and it brings me nothing but anxiety and indigestion. People get so excited but never seem to think about the reason for the season. I still love you ❤️.

  • Ohhh Lindsey, things are so hard to deal with since you’re gone. I really don’t have anyone else I can talk to like I did with you. It frightens me to the point that I don’t want to go out to more our lawn. I miss you terribly, more than I could ever imagine. ❤️❤️❤️XXX❤️❤️❤️ 💔

  • Lindsey, I am sorry for not writing you last month. It’s been 6 years since you passed away and it gets harder everyday and I don’t know how to stop hating life. I sleep in the spot you passed right next to your ashes. I feel like you’re right next to me in bed which gives me some comfort. I gave Madison the Bonneville to help Andrea out. I hardly hear from them unless I go over but I don’t stay long because I don’t feel like I fit. I never got thanks for the car and Madison never comes over to ask me for any help. It really makes me feel used and not loved. I didn’t get a ticket to see Madison graduate or an explanation. I’ll bet the other grandparents got in. It really hurts and I just want to go into a hole and not talk to anyone because I feel no one but you and Bandit care. So I just slip into a vicious cyclical hole. What’s the use when no one cares. Don’t hear from Charlotte even though I try. I just have to wait to die and then things will be better. Bandit is doing well licking her feet now and very healthy. I am looking for another apple head puppy. I saw a lady named Gail sold you Bandit but I can’t get a hold of her. I’ll keep trying. I go to Dr tomorrow but my heart’s not into it. I think about you constantly and still love you. Save a spot for me. All my love and kisses. XXXOOOXXX

  • My love, I left you a message a few days ago but it must have been deleted by higher powers than me. Bandit’s birthday is coming up on the 23rd and I tell her about you all the time. Sometimes she seems to know, sniffing around your pillow and showing some emotional response. I miss you too, hearing you talking to me and seeing a glimpse of you. This is the hardest thing I have ever ever gone through in all my life. I would rather stay at home for the comfort of your memory than going out. Life is so strange now and I doubt it will get better in the future with all of the unrest in the world and at home. I better drop out the moral monitors will be upset. I have a lot of guilt for not taking you to the hospital the day before. That will never go away. I still miss you and love you and wish I could change things that day. Richard ❤️

  • 5th anniversary of your passing pretty girl. Everyone says it will get better with time. That is so much a bad line as I am getting worse everyday.

    If you were here I would feel much better. I still have thoughts of taking the early train to see you. Honestly, it is hell waiting to see you again. I don’t go anywhere or see anyone except for getting milk. I wish you could make me some of your gourmet dishes. You were always so much smarter than me but you would never admit it. You meant so much to people you knew.

    Life holds nothing for me anymore. It used to be so cool to wake up next to you and chit chat about possible vacation plans or a new restaurant. Life was so peaceful and fulfilling with you and your touch. I really wish I could be with you now.

  • I had my knee surgery Dec 16th and I’m thinking how nice it be to have you taking care of me now. But I do not wish all your pains and worries to return. I love you still.

  • Hi Lindsey, I am so sorry I did not post this yesterday. I started this last night and didn’t finish it because my head was screaming pain. I didn’t sleep again all last night which is a common occurrence with me. So here you go Lindsey another book of Babel and tears you’re my princess Lindsey.

    Another year has gone by without you Lindsey my love. I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I don’t care because this is the only way to tell you that I still love you very much and miss you more than anything. I’m absolutely totally miserable in this world without you. You are definitely definitely definitely the reason that I was alive. Now I don’t really care if I live or not and it’s so hard to not have you for your comfort and your love and your good food. As you know I’m not the greatest chef I miss your Gourmet cooking so much that brings me to tears. I’m babbling and bubbling with tears right now as I talk to you. I talked to you all the time when I’m in the house with Bandit she looks at me like I’m an idiot which I am I would admit. I’m losing my mind Lindsey and I really don’t know how to get it back. I would like to go out in the street and walk into a car I just die but that’s the only thing keeping me alive.

    I cut Bandit’s hair tonight with that razor you bought me and used it on the trim mode with a spacer and it looks absolutely beautiful I know you would agree. I’m spoiling her the way I know you would. This is so damn hard I don’t know what I’m going to do I really don’t Lindsey. And Bandit continues to beg. I don’t know where she picked that up but she is so clever like you are so maybe you rubbed off on her. I can barely talk writing this hand I really do think I’m losing my mind but you’re the only one I can tell it to cuz you would understand it. I have real pain Lindsey and don’t know what to do, I can barely make it up the stairs. I have hammer toes and I had one operated on in February and it was so awkward without you being my nurse and chief cheerleader. Back to Bandit, she is so pretty I cut her hair tonight and she is just beautiful she looks so you would love her she looked almost like she was when you picked her up and brought her home and put her on my knee when I was on the toilet. Was the only time that I got to name the puppy we got. You’re always so good about all these things. I am a terrible cook house cleaner and still m the best idiot around. I miss you Lindsey.

    You were always the reason from you live now you’re gone and I don’t know how to live I don’t know how to keep myself together and I can’t function without you. I was always so sure of myself able to fix anything that broke and pay taxes and bills and all that crap. Now I’m barely able to even get one tiny thing done today. I have how much pain in my back my knee is acting up, barely able to walk on my right leg, my neck hurts from my nerves my other toe hurts like the Dickens. I don’t know I don’t know why I’m telling you this it’s probably more for me then you. I can still see you on the doggie pillows at that morning when I woke up your beautiful face in the pillows but with a very cold clammy feel to you. I about pissed my pants call the police I just freaked out. It took about 6 hours to process you and it hurts so much to watch your beautiful face being put in that big ugly truck like a piece of meat. That really hurt Lindsey. I’m glad you didn’t have to see me like that.

    I have labeled my Google Maps with places that we had been with hearts on it or I can remember all the places that you walked. I also have another icon for places that we were going to go and other places in Europe and Asia that we would have gone. Especially the trip to Paris and Normandy with your sister. I don’t hear anything from her anymore so I assume are Parkinson’s is coming on strong. She’s lucky she has all her family and husband with her to take care of her. I’m sure just hard for her but not as hard as not having anybody. I don’t know why you left your beautiful home in Scotland to be with the jerk me. I am so lucky to have you a certified Scottish girl with bagpipes around you. I really got a lottery when I got you I didn’t realize it how good you were with everything that I wasn’t. I think we complemented each other very well in that regard but it’s hell it is really he’ll Lindsay without you. I’m sure no one will be checking this because you are I are alone in the world but you are not alone now but I am. I can’t tell anybody this people don’t understand and frankly I don’t think anybody really cares. There’s a virus going on from China and you would not like it right now. But it would be so much easier to deal with it if you were here.

    So I’m going to stop my Babel Lindsey and say I still love you always will and nobody will ever be able you replace you. I’m sure if I had gone first you definitely would have been able to move on with another guy because you are the best. I can’t. Hey love you Lindsey Ross Anderson and I can’t wait to see you again I hope it is very soon.❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • Another three years without you and I don’t want to be here without you. You were everything to me. ❤️????
    How odd that my love wrote this only one year exactly to the day before she died in our bed next to me. She was such a sweet wife always thinking of others before herself. Why couldn’t God take me instead of her. Beautiful and loving people deserve more years of life so why am I still here??? I don’t want to wait until God calls me home, I can’t live without your love and kindness Lindsey… I have nothing to look forward to except the beautiful puppy you bought me. You deserve to be playing with your grandchildren… I am not allowed to see them but I’m sure that you would be allowed. You deserved the happiness of your golden years because you worked so hard at trying to raise our children right even though you were 4,000 miles from your birth home that you left at age 25 to be with the idiot me. I pray God would let us switch places as I have nothing left to give this world, no joy, no laughing, no smiling. I know you would have been able to do better than I am. Why does God take the good ones home and leave the miserable and undeserving ones here in earth??? You would be so much better at handling the grandkids and breaking through the barriers that are there with our kids. Lindsey you deserve so much more happiness and life than I do! Why did you have to marry an idiot like me? You would’ve been happier with someone other than me. You always had love in your heart and kindness in your soul. I don’t want to be here without you as you were always the sunshine in my life and the purpose for all the hard work I did to take care of you. I want to be with you and not here where I am lonely and miserable.

    I will always love you Lindsey and praying I see you sooner than later. You were my reason for living and now you are gone and I don’t want to be here. I love and miss Lindsey Ross Anderson…

  • Dear Lindsey my love, tomorrow is the second Anniversary of your passing in which I awoke and realized I could not find you on or around our bed. The memories of that morning panicing and fear, as to what might have happened to you that morning, until I saw your lovely body face down in the doggy pillows, were too much for my heart to bear. The thoughts running through my mind of what could have happened to you where too much to process. Losing you Lindsey was the most devastating thing I have ever experienced. All of the sweet moments we shared over the last 37 years, the comfort we gave each other without having to say a word, the love I still have for you today has not faded, you were/are my rock and soulmate. Such a rich and full life we shared becoming as one as God commanded, and I do not regret one minute of my life with you, through the thick and thin. You made me happy every day of my life and you did what you could to make our marriage happy and our children grow responsible. Blessings to you Lindsey, the unselfish and loving gift of God, to me and my family. You were so loved by both sides of the family here and in Scotland. I thank God everyday for you which you are the greatest wedding gift (next to your son’s salvation on the cross) I could ever have received. Thank you for Lindsey, an earthly angel I had no right to receive as my bride. I pray someday her children will come to realize how loving and wonderful a mother you were.
    I will love you forever Lindsey Margaret Henderson Ross Anderson. Best decision I ever made in my life was marrying you!!! XXXOOO

  • Today is one year since Bandit and I lost you. We will always love you and miss you q dearly. You still are my girl and always will be. You were a gift from God which makes it hurt all the more. I look at your pictures and get upset but I can’t stop loving you.

    You are the prettiest, sweetest girl from Scotland and everywhere else. It’s hard to go on without your love and kindness and being my wonderful travel buddy. I am happy you are safe in heaven with your parents and mine.

    You were special to more people than you know, but none more than me. I love you Lindsey Ross!

  • Oh Andy, I miss her too! She is a beautiful soul and I know she is not hurting anymore, but she is with the angels looking over all of us, but doing her own thing, lol.

  • Dear Andy & family,
    Thanks for sharing this obituary of your loving wife and life partner, Lindsey. Having known Lindsey, a little bit, but not enough, I can see how she made your life very fulfilled and special and how you all miss her very much. I am writing this little note on Christmas Day and am very much aware of the loss you must feel at having her missing on this first Christmas after her passing. Please take some comfort in knowing that she is with the One who came so long ago to fulfill all of our needs, desires and ease our heartaches with His wonderful love for each one of individually. May God bless you and yours on this most special day of Christmas.

  • I still miss you and love you dearly. I am lost without your comforting smile and cuddles. I often feel I can’t go on without too you and wish I was at peace as you are. I pray I will see you sooner than later.

    Goodbye my love, thank you for the priveledge of being your love and husband for 37 years. You are absolutely the best decision I made in my entire life.


  • I don’t get the newspaper anymore, so I miss many listings of deaths. I was shocked to see this when I was looking for another person. I know she wasn’t always feeling well, and I know she wasn’t on FB a lot, but the last time we chatted, we would have like to have lunch. I worked with Lindsey in the the Manheim Township cafeteria. I am so sorry for your loss. She was always such a fun person to be around. the one thing I remember is when she came back from Scotland, I didn’t understand a word she said. Also, she used to shovel snow in her bare feet. I know you will miss her every day all the time. My deepest sympathy and prayers for your comfort.

  • Hi Andy,
    I was sorry to read of Lindsey’s homegoing. Please accept my sincere condolences. I am praying that the God of all comfort with sustain you in the days ahead.
    Bill Bradley

  • Andy, I’m sending my sincerest sympathies to you and your family. Although I didn’t personally know your wife, Lindsey; I do remember your kind words about her on a daily basis when we worked together at RCA. Keep her in your heart and recall all the good memories you two have made together over the years. May those memories, your children and grandchildren help to heal you over time. Take care of yourself ………………Kim

  • Andy & the girls,
    We grieve with you upon the sudden departure of Lindsey. We will miss her and her pleasant smile and good natured personality. May God grant you comfort in the days to come. And to know she is home with Jesus adds great comfort, too.

  • Andrea and Charlotte, my heart goes out to you and your family’s. I remember your mother fondly from when we were younger. Much love too you both!!! ❤❤

  • Andrea, I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother in January and it is still very painful. Keep your mothers memories in your heart, and laugh and cry with her daily. Hugs Connie Shertzer

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