John Cavey Jr

John Cavey , Jr, 43, of PA, passed away on July 15,2017. Cremation Services of Lancaster (717)273-6283

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  • John… We told everyone we were brother & sister, Ever since the day me and my parents moved in next door to you and your aunt on Johahn Dr. In Westminster. I was in middle school and you were on house arrest. You always looked out for me. When ever a boy broke my heart you would always threaten to beat them up for me:) and when I was in high school I got way to drunk to go home to my parents and you had my friends bring me to your apartment to sober up so I wouldn’t get in trouble, then years later you had just come home around 2005-ish and needed a place to live and I just happened to have recently kicked out my looser boyfriend (again) and was renting out rooms to be able to afford to stay there. I was so glad you came to live in the basement, cause I knew if you lived there I WAS SAFE! I’m so so sorry we had not keep in touch after I left Westminster for good. And that I didn’t know you were gone till now:( You have always been the Big brother I never had, and my heart breaks at the thought of you being gone…. Until I see you again, you will always be in my heart and my thoughts. I love you big bro!

  • Hey baby I miss you so much!!! Hard to believe it’s been almost 2 yrs, actually last night was the night you passed (Tuesday night). I lost you that night I found you with no sign of life in you. They tried hard but you had gone to long with out oxygen that your brain stopped working. You died that night 7-11-17 even though some say it was 7-15-19. No that was the day you were taken off life support. You died at home our home and I’ll forever love you babe.

  • John I had no idea you passed. I had not seen you in years but we talked here and there on Facebook. You will be missed brother.

  • On July 2018, your dad has come to rest with you. Take care of him as God is taking care of you both . He missed you so much so now you and him can be together. I never really got to meet you. I wish I did. RIP. Love your Aunt JoAnn

  • My wife just found this page. I had heard a little of John’s passing in the last couple weeks. Hell of an artist. Patient man who would stop everything for a good conversation, or to laugh with my kid while I was getting ink, or laying cards and just throwing up his hands.

    I do miss you.

  • Just saw your facebook, i will forever be greatful for the good times we had as well as the amazing custom ink you have given me! Rest in peace – Justin

  • Sending my prayers to his family and friends during this difficult time. I have known John Cavey for a long time. He was a very talented man and had a great sense of humor. He will be missed. God Bless

  • Too many Brother, so sorry this happened….we met when I was, what 14 15 n you weretwo years the older you taught me Art. We Tagged walls together, some so nice that this town NEVER covered them up. For real… and yes we got in trouble together, but we changed our lives n had familys of our own. Lost touch then reconnected. Yes we did. He helped when no one else would…John I love you Brother as a friend as a Artist. I’m gonna miss knowing I can talk to you when I hurt. Too your family n friends I didn’t know n had no clue I even was here with you. I’m so for your lose I passionately am.

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