Dylan L Kenny

It is with the deepest sadness that the Kenny family shares Dylan Lawrence Kenny was called home to be with the Lord on Tuesday May 25, 2021 following his decade-long battle with Ewing’s sarcoma.  He is survived by his loving wife Allana, whom he married in the days just before he passed, his devoted parents Larry and Jeanette, his broken-hearted siblings Shelby, Tyler, Kyle, and Kelsi, his adored niece Kenzie, as well as his much-loved furry family:  His 3 dogs Lakota, Titus, Cerberus, his snake Isanami, and his ferret Eight Ball.  He is also deeply mourned by his grandmother Mrs Jean Davison, his extended family to include his aunts, uncles and cousins, his many friends as well as the many who followed his Ewing’s journey.

Dylan was born on July 30, 2002, in Galloway Township, NJ, and was welcomed as the fifth child of Larry and Jeanette Kenny.  He immediately claimed his place as the official baby of the family and instantly got to work bringing immeasurable joy to the entire Kenny family.  Even from a young age, he was a jokester who cracked up the family all the time.  His mom and dad called him Lil’ man for years while tiny Kenzie christened her much-loved uncle, Dylbo!

While the curse that is Ewing’s cut Dylan’s life short by decades, his story is so much bigger than his illness. There’s so much to share about Dylan but perhaps his most notable quality was that he had such an incredible way with people.  Honestly, he was better with them than most individuals you’ll ever meet.  It may have been his eyes; Crystal blue and so beautiful, he’d could side-eye you in a good or bad way and whoever was on the receiving end of his intense gaze would be putty in his hands.

As he marched toward adulthood, Allana, his now newlywed wife, was the love of his life nearly from when he first set eyes on her. But as he was growing up, his heart was so pure and so big, he fell half in love with every friend his big sisters had.  As illustration of the innate affection he had for everyone, he was all of five or six when he marched over to the neighbors to magnanimously declare that he was in love with their granddaughter.

It was that same giant heart that saw him battle the horrendous beast that is Ewing’s sarcoma an unimaginable nine times. The recurrences over the course of the past decade caused his education to be interrupted multiple times. But even though Grade 4 was essentially the last grade he was able to attend in person and during his last year of high school he was on hospice for the 1st time, he persevered and he graduated from Warwick High School.

Though his challenges were certainly adult-sized, he was also a typical teenage kid…He loved to drive and was literally driving since he was 10 such that actually getting his license was a dream come true. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. They were his babies. The last pair he bought were delivered the day after he passed.  He bought them while lying in bed during his final days.

He loved his quad and couldn’t wait for fishing this summer with his Mom and Kenzie. He listened to music at TOP volume no matter where he was. After graduation, he worked at UTZ and busted his butt, even when on chemo, to try and work his hardest. He was the best brother…the best uncle…and certainly the best son!  He was giving , so giving; He knew what it meant to be the recipient of kindness so he would help anyone he could!

The Kenny family wishes to acknowledge the entire team at DuPont Hospital-especially Dr. Robin Miller, Dr. Powell, and Dr. Thacker as well as super RN Steph and the rest of the Hem/Onc team for their incredible care of Dylan throughout his lengthy ordeal.  We take comfort in our heartfelt belief that the compassion and focus that guided Dylan’s treatment saw him realize several extra years. No single stone was left unturned as this skilled team pressed on until every available option was exhausted.  We are beyond grateful for the gift of every extra moment their expertise delivered to our hero Dylan.  We will remain forever in their debt.

As well, the Kenny’s would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to the many individuals who, through word and deed, lifted up Dylan, and indeed the entire family, during this long, soul-sucking journey.  As anyone who has lived the true hell that is a loved one waging a life-and-death battle with pediatric cancer can attest, the bitter truth is childhood cancer doesn’t impact just the patient, rather the whole family.  Whether a gesture was to address a specific need, an answer to a request for assistance, an encouraging comment when all seemed lost or the constant stream of prayers, the outpouring of support over the years was our only light in this the darkest of tunnels.  On behalf of our beloved Dylan, we will remember and be forever grateful to every last soul who took his cause to heart.

Even though our hearts are shattered, we are relieved that Dylan is now free of the horrible suffering of Ewing’s sarcoma and no longer a prisoner of this hideous cancer.  It is our only comfort as we try to navigate the enormity and unbearable pain our loss.  Rest well Dylan. We are broken to consider our lives without you. We love you more than words can express.  We will miss you more than they can say.

Due to the restrictions of Covid, the family is planning a Celebration of Life at a date to be determined which will be held at their home for all Dylan’s family and friends to attend.

Cremation Services of Lancaster  717-273-6283


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  • As I try to comprehend that I never got to say hello to him again, and my goodbye was really goodbye, I can’t help but think of the pain that you are all going through. I only met him once and it hurts so bad sometimes my cheeks burn from crying. Jeanette, I don’t have fb or messenger anymore. I ran and put my head in the sand after this. I love you all to pieces. Dylan will always be my Dylan. I love you so so much Dylan, I’ll see you on the flip side with an apology, general tso’s chicken, and a hellcat. Love you my Dylan. My God how I love you like my own

  • Followed his journey for so long on Facebook. Nothing I could put here will ease the pain of his passing. He fought so hard for so long. Sending so many prayers and healing hugs you’re way. Bless you all!

  • My condolences to all the loved ones of Dylan. I didn’t know Dylan long,but we worked together for a short time.
    Dylan seemed to be an incredibly remarkable person.
    In the short time I knew him he definitely touched me with his story.
    He shared with me how he wanted to be a motivational speaker & help influence other kids who were dealing with this horrible disease. To let them know not to give up, to keep going & pushing through.
    I often thought of Dylan during times of petty, irritating meaningless things. I’d think of how strong he was, how brave he seemed. It would help me appreciate things we all need to appreciate.
    I can only imagine what you, the loved ones of Dylan are feeling. I hope that you can take some solace in knowing that he was an inspiration & an incredible person.
    God speed Dylan. May you R. I. P

  • You will be truly missed brother. Since the time I first met you, you were and inspiration to me. You always had such a fighting spirt about you. You never let this cancer take the joy and hope away from. Till this day anytime I’m going through something tough, I always think of you and the happiness you would always spread to all. Save me a seat next to you in heaven brother. We will never forget you.

  • I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It sounds like he was living a full life regardless of the obstacles. That’s more than most can do with any illness. And it’s amazing and special just like he is. If there’s anything I can do or you just need to talk I’m here for anyone in the family. Hoping things are unbearable for to long. Things can get better and I’m sure that’s what he would want for all of you.

  • From the Peterson family to the Kenny family, please know that you are in our prayers! Dylan is now at peace. God bless you all!

  • My deepest heartfelt sympathy on your loss family’s loss of Dylan. Very few can understand the deep sadness you’re feeling and there are no words that can make any of it less painful. May God wrap his arms around you all and guide you through your grief. God Bless!

  • So sorry for your loss. I am terribly saddened at the loss you must endure. I didn’t know Dylan but I did know Jeanette in my childhood. As I know her it sheds light to know what Dylan was like. May God ease your pain and bless the whole family.

  • Only saw Dylan a few times but liked him from the first time I met him at AI DuPont! He always had a smile on his face! We were saddened to hear he passed away and pray that God help you to heal! It will never be the same for any of you but I want to say you raised a wonderful boy and young man ! We will miss him but never forget him! 💜. # JesusHasHim

  • As I’ve said I totally understand everything you and your family has gone through! I’ve walked in your shoes! Dylan was a hero in every way possible! He fought one hard battle! He is your angel now to watch over all of you daily! Many hugs to all! His smile will be missed! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dylan fought the battle like a true warrior. I am sorry that he was taken way too soon. Fly high young warrior! RIP

  • I followed Dyan’s story for years on FB when my sister shared it. Many years ago, there was something like a $10 fundraiser and I sent a note to Dylan. I told him that I had a nephew named Dylan and that was a really good name. I never expected it but he sent me a hand written thank you note for even such a small donation. He was so thoughtful. I was always rooting him on and I was elated when he was in remission. I hadn’t found put until recently that he was sick again. He may have lost the battle of Ewings but he has won the Kingdom of God where there is no pain. I am very touched by this and it is obvious that whoever wrote this has such pure love for Dylan and a great gift of communicating his story.

    • Awww lisa that was so sweet of you years ago when my grandson was dying Dylan was at Dupont and his family asked for money and food items so I went and brought them food I didnt have a chance to meet him because he was sleeping …but we all had a connection to this dear angel

  • I’m so sadden about Dylan he was and always will be a part of the Marshall family. Fly high angel no more suffering bo more pain. May you always rest in peace. God bless you and the family. Your with Joey say hi for me. One love

  • I meet and follwed Dylan for about 9 to 10 years. He is/was a strong young man. I’m so glad I got to meet the family. Love you all. RIP Dylan you will be missed by many.

  • I followed your journey for years and my heart is broken for you. Fly high young man, now you are healthy and whole. Hugs to this family..and as always, many prayers

  • I have followed Dylan’s battle on fb for years. His strength and the dedication of his family were inspiring. I am so very sorry for your loss. prayers of comfort and peace from NJ.

  • I can not believe the one person I looked for inspiration is with our Lord. I know he is no longer suffering, but it is hard not to ask God why? The only answer I can come up with is seing how Strong Dylan had been all these years. He will never understand how when I felt sick from illness or down because of life obstacles….I would get on my Facebook and see Dylan is working or Dylan got his license or seeing a photo of Dylan. Those amazing moments pulled so many of us up. I would think this young man is not letting the ugly C word get in the way of living life. I would get up and start moving. I tend to wonder now who will give me Strength. I will think of his strength every single day. I wish I hug each of you. I can not imagine the hurt in all your hearts. But, remembering the Strength from Dylan will help us all. I think God sent him a sweet girl, so he could feel true love. My heart goes out to his beautiful bride. This is not goodbye, it will see you again. I love you all and I know we never met. I will pray and think of you all for the rest of my life.

  • So very sorry for your loss,I followed Dylan’s journey from the beginning,he was a fighter till the end,I was so saddened to hear of his passing but he is finally at peace and free from this terrible cancer,may God hug him tightly and May he Rest In Peace,

  • God be with u all. He was amazing stronger fighter.if u need anything at all please message me. God be with u and thank for sharing his story.and I want say when i met him at Ronald McDonald house he was a stronger fighter. God be with u all

  • I got to meet Dylan by chance one day in Wawa. I talked with him a few minutes, gave him words on encouragement and handed him whatever cash I had on me to buy himself something. He was SO grateful, his smile was so infectious and he said to me “can I hug you?” I of course said yes you can! He gave me the biggest hug and it warmed my heart. I will never forget him. I have followed his long journey from the beginning. My heart is broken … so many people really loved him. Rest easy warrior <3

  • I’m so sorry for your loss to be taken at a young age. He is in peace now. Prayers for his wife and his family and friends to find comfort and peace. God bless.

  • Dear Kenny Family,
    We are so saddened to hear the news of Dylan’s passing. Our hearts and prayers are with you all. He has truly been an inspiration and will be remembered for his courage, strength and candor. Fly high and cancer-free, Dylan. You will never be forgotten.

    With love,
    Kristen Short
    and Short Folks For Hope Foundation

  • I never met a Dylan in person but followed him since he was a kid he was so charismatic and I loved witnessing him grow feom a young kid to a working young man to a married man . Lye always impresses entertained and amazed me with his courage and his wit and his attitude. When he started to drive my heart sailed for him. I’ve thought of his strength for my own personal inspiration many times . It was so very obvious how much his Mom Dad and family loved him. His Mom oh what a love . My heart breaks for his family his friends . He will never be forgotten .

  • I’m sorry… just can’t even touch what your all going through, there are no words to express the hearbreak and loss your experiencing. Please know your all continually in our prayers and thoughts.
    Dylan was a shining star that will forever glow, not only in your eyes and memories but on many many people that he touched. May Dylan rest in peace and guide you all from above along with our Lord through these times of hardship.
    With our most sincere condolences;
    Sending tons of love and huge hugs…
    Kim and Nathan’s Story Childhood Cancer Org.

  • I followed Dylan’s journey for years. Ewing’s destroyed my son as well. I am sure he and Dylan are together. May he rest in paradise.

    • Rest in peace little angel you left us way too soon you were a true blessing to your family and all who knew you . They say only the good die young .

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